Friday, January 22, 2010

Ashley 2 Ways

Not to knock any of the models I've worked with lately, but Ashley, and the next model coming up, Dilenia, were absolutely extraordinary to work with. Every angle was amazing, they knew exactly how to hit the light, had a real knowledge of how to move and pose, took direction easily, and even though I took fewer photos than usual because almost every shot was good, and you just don't need to shoot a lot when that happens...editing their sets was pretty tough (editing, as in choosing the selects/keepers). It's always nice to work with people when everything lines up without much effort. Not that I mind effort, otherwise I wouldn't do this, but you know what I mean.

This set is in two parts. First part, crazy feather set. Part the second, more everyday, catalog, portrait, GAP ad type stuff. One black and white, done with Silver Efex Pro, which I adore, and one shot, props courtesy of a very necessary lunch run to McDonald's.

Without further ado:

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