Friday, June 11, 2010

Monique - Who Needs Color?

You'll recognize Monque from a little while back from the post "An Experiment".  The experiment is still in the works, and will be re-posted soonish, with a few tweaks and such. And I'll go through what the experiment was, my processes, results, and other sundry thoughts.

For now, we have the rest of the set. You shoot a peacock in color, right? Meh. I say MEH to you! As we were shooting, something (probably the hard light source) told me this would end up black and white. And as I imported to the computer, my suspicions were confirmed. Fiddling with black and white conversion, it eventually clicked in a way that color just wouldn't with this set.

We did a second concept, but since it was quite silly, I've given Monqiue the option to approve the images for public consumption. Hopefully they'll show up on the blog some time next week.

Without further ado, Monique, the monochrome for a larger view, as always:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Model, A Desert, and a Very Small Mountain or AY MY BACK!

I had one of those "for the sake of the art" moments today.  While shooting out in the desert, in the heat, with a tolerant and amusing model, I bent over to pick something up...a sync cord...or a water bottle...something...and my back went crunch. And then we shot for another 25 minutes or so.

It was a good time. Concept was somewhere in the land of Bear Grylls meets Lawrence of Arabia meets normal guy.

In my crippled and invalid state this afternoon, I decided to fiddle around with an image from the shoot...shits and giggles, as it were.

It's a little bit technicolor, a little fashion editorial, a little blah blah blah.

Without further ado, the usual, click for a larger view.