Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am a Lying Liar, and I Lied (to parody Al Franken)

So...I definitely underestimated my winter break plans. I've been running around like a crazy person, and I'm tired and burnt out. I may or may not update this properly. 

But in the meantime, more placation. From a photoshoot for Makeup Artist Sy Clark - who is amazing in every way - this is model Nateasha.  These two images were her picks from the shoot, all retouched and prettified.  Concept was sort of in the direction of Bret Michaels circa the last time he was relevant...with a bit of pirate.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas - Overwhelmed

I am completely overwhelmed at the moment.

Winter break has been anything but, so far. This week involved 7 photoshoots scheduled in 3 days...thank the lord 2 of them were a bust.  I don't know if that's what "real" photographers do, but I'm a) pretty sure it's not, and b) i'm pretty sure that if it is they have teams of people to deal with it.  December has been my heaviest month of photography, probably ever, if not its a close second to my final month of my photo degree program. I have an entire column of folders on my desktop full of images to sort through, correct, and god forbid retouch. A rough count tells me I've shot about 2500 frames this month...which is essentially my normal amount for about 40% of a given year.  This is good and means I'm finally taking this more seriously. It also means I have to figure out how to balance taking this more seriously with being a productive member of society without losing my sanity. I'd just gotten used to working full time and waking up at 5am every day too.  I've decided I'm taking a break from non-paying work until toward the end of January.  Between work, my current load of images to worry about, and performances of a crazy piece of music with a friend's string quartet, it's just a bit much.  Not to mention wanting to get back on the diet band wagon in January. But enough personal bullshit.

No photos to share this post, just venting.

There should be a ton of photos forthcoming though, given I still have to update about my last 2 shoots, have done 6 beauty shoots, and a catalog/advertising/product line shoot.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I promise, over winter break, I'll update this thing for real

After the last photoshoot, I went with a photographer friend of mine to shoot boxing at the Silver Nugget, just for shits and giggles. I didn't get anything spectacular, I don't think, but there were a handful of decent shots.  It's WAAAAAY harder than I would have thought. Of course, we were shooting ringside, and not from a platform with a long lens, so perhaps it was the proximity. It moves so fast, and getting the timing takes some work. It sucks when you see the impact in the viewfinder, and know 100% that you therefore do not have the shot. Ah well, it was a learning experience, and it was fun. Next time I'm hoping to do a little better, and really nail a few shots.

Here's my first two edited images from the set:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Continuing on the Theme of "I'm too busy for this shit, here's something to tide you over"...

Having a full time job is continuing to kick my ass.

Having two photoshoots with a delightful makeup artist, while lovely, has compounded this. I'm always tired after a photoshoot anyway, and having one after a long day, and as part of a long day, does not help.

Without further ado, here is something to tide you over until I have the time, patience, and focus to write a proper blog about the Zachary shoot from early November, the Mimi Miller hair shoot,  2 Sy Clark shoots, and my first experience photographing boxing.