Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long Time No See

Long time no see.  Apparently teaching art is incredibly draining of one's need to be an artist.

Not going to talk a lot, just going to post a few images.

In the vein of what's old is new again, in a bored fit one afternoon, I decided to attack this set of images. It was a fun second set with peacock girl (see back a few posts). Used a few newer techniques and styles i've become fond of the last while. Just one for now, it's late and it turns out I didn't create websize versions of them.

Now, onward and upward. One sample from the latest toy in the arsenal. I've recently had the opportunity to acquire a Leaf Aptus 22 to fit my Mamiya 645afd. I've decided that at this unique moment in my financial history, I am going to entertain the thought of moving up formats to a truly professional camera designed for the people-oriented photography I do. It's got a sensor twice the size of full-frame 35mm digital and creates 16bit file (more colors/values = awesome!). The downside to this system is that the camera body it attaches to is not anywhere near as capable as nikon's professional cameras. The autofocus doesn't work well in low light, the ergonomics are somewhat lacking, and its just a slower, less intuitive machine. Also, the sensor of the digital back is quite noisy (although festooned with ridiculous amounts of detail) at ISO 400, whereas the nikons don't get to festoonment until about ISO 3200 (though at that point they do obliterate detail).  Without further ado...a first nice image, with missed focus, but nice tonality, and a very sharp goatee...and a color treatment that might as well make this a Transformers movie. I like the expression. I think the image has a nice feel to it, despite its technical shortcomings.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Redux A-Go-Go!

In lieu of posting work I'm still waiting to hear about, and in lieu of shooting more, I've used the ol' WABAC machine and looked to the archives for unpolished gems. A technical note...I've switched to a more square format image, basically 11x14 aka 8.5x11 aka the aspect ratio of magazines and portfolios.

This will be a relatively unwordy post, with a couple photos. Short and to the point.

You may have forgotten the drill, since it's been so long...but click on the photo for a larger view.