Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update 11/13/10

Hello my darling readers.

I know, I have been gone a LONG time...a long ass time, even.

Life has been busy, what with the proper day job and all.

Despite that, I have still done 2 shoots. Both with potential for publishing.

Shoot the first: for Vanity Magazine, a webzine based in the UK. Normally I would look people in the eye (as much as one can on the internet), and say "Oh Heeeeeeeeell Nah" if they asked me to do a calendar for free (well...for TF, technically)...but as fate had it, I was already planning to work with the model who was in contact with the magizine editor. So we shot. It was an alright shoot...we managed to get some good images out of it...which will appear here sometime soonish...and I'll scan and publish the tear, whenever I get the promised copy of the calendar.

Shoot the second: for (possibly) 944 magazine. This was with Matt, who I've worked with'll remember him s the impossibly thin model with the feathers on his neck, and the multicolor circles around the eyes, makeup artist extraordinaire Ellen Wilkins (who, as I say every time I mention her, I adore) was back on board, and also joining us was a wardrobe stylist who runs a vintage clothing shop here in town. We had AMAZING wardrobe, ideas galore, and everything went exceptionally smoothly. I think this is some of my best work to date, and I can't wait to put it up here. As soon as I know if it's going to run in 944 or not, I'll figure out when it can go up (if it's not gonna run: soon; if it is gonna run: at some point after it hits shelves...and i'll probably scan and upload the tears as well)

So, there you have it. Updates.

Sometime, hopefully soon, we'll get back to less talk and more rock.