Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm a total junkie.

I just can't survive for very long without a photoshoot. I finished December's retouching what...last week? And already I found myself jonesing for a new shoot.

We were all set up to shoot today, bust out some black latex goo, paste on some feathers, etc, etc...but the MUA had a crisis of some sort...which happens. The two of us remaining decided to carry on with the shoot and see what we could pull out of the proverbial hat.  The shoot went well, and I think there will be some really great stuff to come out of it.  I have nothing but positive things to say...the entire process of working with Brandon was one of the most professional experiences I've had...excellent communication, resources, spirit of adventure, took direction well, totally on top of it, genuinely good kudos to him.

Here's a quick edit from the set...I used it sort of as a test just to see what everything looked like coming out of Lightroom, and how it would retouch. It also just happened to be one of the better shots from that set. Courtesy of really good skin, and my not fucking things up, I don't even need to do much more retouching, if any, unless I decide to make an enormous print. (I'm also amused that it's image number 2345...or...if we're counting from the beginning without 4-digit rollover after's image 12345 on the camera. Yes, I'm nerdy like that.)

Here's the result:

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is the final set of images from December.

It has been tremendous experience shooting like I did in December, but I think until I have a team of people to help me do what I do, I'm going to try to limit my output to a few shoots a month, as opposed to 6 models doing 2 sets apiece, a catalog, and boxing.

Anywho...this is Dilenia, who like Ashley in the previous post, could do no wrong. She really found the light beautifully, and every pose and move seemed to work.

First set is makeup/beauty, crazy eyelashes, and a stencil done on the face down to the shoulder. Second set is a little bit noir, but a much softer and brighter noir, really, the only thing noir-ish is the somewhat contrasty masculine lighting, the hat, and the trench. So, it's a nice twist on the classic loo