Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zay of Arabia, in Technicolor

This is the completed series of model Zay Vassar, who was traveling through Vegas on vacation.

You will recall this was the shoot where I threw out my back the first time.

To recap, theme for this was somewhere between Lawrence of Arabia and Bear Grylls...i.e., surviving in the middle of nowhere in a crazy Technicolor experiment.

Setup was super simple, and basically involved an AB1600 + Beauty Dish plugged into the ol' Vagabond II. Full power, ~12-14ft, f/13, 1/250. Gave a nice balance between the bright sky and background of midday Vegas in summer...a little dodge and burn completed the key shift.

Apart from the near death of my spine, and walking farther than I thought up hill with tons of gear, the shoot went well, and he was a hoot.

Without further ado, les pictures (as always, click for a larger view):

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